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WhiteKnightTwo will make four flights at Oshkosh


OSHKOSH (WKOW) -- The new, mothership for Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship will make several low passes upon arrival at Oshkosh to open the AirVenture Airshow on Monday afternoon, July 27.

It will be the aircraft's first public appearance.

The WhiteKnightTwo is the aircraft that will carry Branson's commercial spacecraft to a high altitude before releasing it for a launch into suborbital space.

By any measure, it's a strange looking aircraft, designed by aviation genius Burt Rutan.

Additional flight demonstrations are scheduled for Thursday, July 30, and Saturday, August 1 - immediately preceding WK2's departure before the air show.

When parked on AeroShell Square, AirVenture attendees can experience up-close the unique, groundbreaking aircraft.

Watch for aviation profiles from Oshkosh by Anchor Roland Beres the entire week of July 27.

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