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Dane County kids star at the fair


MADISON (WKOW) --  It doesn't feel like summer, but a summer tradition kicked off this week in Madison.

It's the Dane County Fair. 27 News chose to highlight a few of the children who make the farm animals something special.

Theres just something about rabbits for Clara Kebus. She's the Grand Champion of Showmanship at the fair. Clara is just one of a thousand kids involved in different projects.

Lydia Russell and her sister are selling roasters at the small market auction. They share a passion for animals in general.

Christi  Ringelstetter, the Superintendent for the Rabbit Department, knows the feeling well. She's been involved in 4-H for years.

It's a passion that's created a positive path for many children.

To give you an idea of how many get involved, 1,000 kids have entered 11-thousand projects.

The Fair is open til 11 tonight and continues through Sunday.

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