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Improving memory=pay more attention!

MADISON (WKOW)--Admit it - there's so much going on in your life you just can't remember it all.

"Life's certainly gotten a lot busier, and there's so much more going on, and there's all of these extra numbers and things that we have to remember," says Harly Golub.

Good Housekeeping experts say one of the biggest reasons we don't remember is that we don't pay enough attention to things happening around us.

"We can practice paying attention, by noticing whether your husband was wearing a tie this morning or what your friend ate for lunch," says Health Editor Toni Hope.

If you chunk the information you need to remember together, you won't have to recall as much.

"Basically what you're doing is trying to organize information into smaller bits so that your brain doesn't have to remember as much," says Good Housekeeping Executive Editor Jenny Cook.

And using common sense techniques like creating a to-do list each morning, finding spots for things you often forget, or repeating the name of someone you just met, can increase your memory significantly.

"Most of us think, 'oh I could I have possibly forgotten that person's name,' but, in fact you never really remembered it in the first place because you weren't focusing on remembering the name," says Cook.

We have the capacity to remember more than we actually do, we just have to improve our attention.

Anxiety can serve as a distraction resulting in even less information remembered.

Reducing stress by taking several deep breaths, thinking of something pleasant, or going for a short walk can be beneficial to your memory.





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