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Central Park jogger brings hope and possibilities

MADISON (WKOW) --  It was twenty years ago, when a jogger in New York's Central Park was raped, beaten, and left for dead.

Trisha Meili was so badly beaten, she wasn't expected to survive. Miraculously, she did, and is passing on her inspiring story to others.

She's in Madison this weekend for Sunday's inaugural Hope and Possibility Race. That's a race that highlights the accomplishments of disabled athletes. It's put on by Achilles Track Clubs all over the world. The Clubs help disabled people participate in athletics.

And it was the Achilles Trach Club in Madison, that got Trisha Meili back on her feet.

Meili says, "The reality is, I was barely walking but it felt so good to be out there and it filled me with such hope, and gave me a sense of what was really possible."

It's Trisha's story that inspired Kim Virden to start the Achilles Club here.

Virden says, "If somebody walks a hundred yards, that hasn't walked very much in life, that's fantastic."

After a skiing accident, Kim suffered a traumatic brain injury that's left her with the possibility of seizures and now, a dog to watch for those seizures."

Virden says, "I've always been in sports, so after five years of recovery, I started to get a bit active again."

Kim started running again... and biking.. and skiing.. the list goes on. She and Trisha hope the Achilles Club passes on the message: that even in the darkest times, there is hope and possibility.

Meili says, "Whatever the challenges are, we can do more than we ever thought possible."

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