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Virgin Galactic's White Knight Two comes to Oshkosh


OSHKOSH (WKOW) -- It takes a lot to be considered the centerpiece of the airventure at oshkosh,

But when you bill yourself as the future of commercial space travel,

All eyes are on you.

Burt Rutan designed the white knight two for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic enterprise.

Branson says the rocket it will carry is not far behind.

"In December, the space ship will be rolled out and the spaceship will start extensive tests." says Branson. "We're happy that the tests are going according to plan."

Those who seek passage to the heavens will pay 200 thousand dollars each for the adventure.

But, the first rides will be freebies.

"I plan to take my parents and children up", Branson admits, "and it will be the start of a whole new era of space travel."

His family and the other 300 people who've already signed up for a trip will likely have to wait a lot longer.

Unlike the first test flights of space ship one where a test pilot was the only occupant, this aircraft will be responsible for paying passengers.

And there's no clear deadline for a thorough engineer like Burt Rutan.

"Once you start flying, you get a better idea of when you can be done. " says Rutan, "You really don't know. It's not like development work. We're doing research every time we extend the envelope and we don't know if we can keep going without modifications."

But in the meantime, the whole team is just enjoying being the center of attention.

"Oshkosh is the most fon of our entire year. " says Rutan, "We can come here and relax and not have to work."

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