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Transition attracts a crowd


OSHKOSH (WKOW) -- Oshkosh attracts the most amazing aircraft in the world from the giant Airbus 380 to the White Knight Two.

But, you don't have to have billions to attract a lot of attention.

All it takes is a great idea like the transition flying car.

"It's really an exciting time," says Terrafugia CEO Carl Deitrich, "and we've been flying this. flying it around. It's the first vehicle to fly/drive and convert, go between the two in under 30 seconds."

There've been a number of attempts to make flying cars over the years but it always seemed you had to get out and bolt something on. The Transition is the first flying car where you can fold up the wings with just the press of a button.

"It's like folding the top back on a convertible car." says Dietrich, "Punch in the ID number and hit a bunch of switches and the wings just fold right up."

A company called Terrafugia developed the transition in response to the sport pilot classification that makes getting your license much cheaper and faster.

Sport pilots usually have less experience and the transition lets them play it safe.

"Weather gets marginal all you do is hit the button on your GPS," explains Deitrich, "and divert to the nearest airport and drive under the weather."

The Transition also fits in the average garage saving big money on storage, and it can operate on supreme unleaded gas, another savings.

Plus, it can handle highway speeds, so you always have a car no matter where you land.

All reasons why the 194-thousand dollar transition is attracting some of the biggest crowds at oshkosh.

"This thing is fantastic, I don't think I'd spend that much money...If I had a lot of money I would. Maybe I should put it that way."

So far, Terrafugia has 60 others who have the cash and are ready to buy.

And after Airventure, that number is likely to grow.

The Transition will be shipped to buyers at the end of 2011.

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