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Lafayette County crop damage


DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- Lafayette and Grant Counties were hit with two rounds of severe storms in just four days, and now the state is trying to have the counties declared federal disaster areas.

Last week, Dan Kamps corn and soy bean crop were lush and green, but vast amounts of large hail have left them shredded and broken.

"Then all of a sudden it let loose, the wind picked up forty, fifty miles per hour for about five minutes and the hail was between one and two inches," said Dan Kemps.  "The corn fields and the soy bean fields just chewed right off and our hay fields that were ready to cut were like a house yard."

Kamps estimates he lost eighty percent of his yield.  But luckily, kamps had crop and hail insurance to cover at least his inputs. 

"If somebody would have a total loss, so say somebody has hail insurance and they're got 800 dollars an acre hail insurance, they get 800 dollars an acre," explains Jeff Miesen, Assistant Vice President of Lending at Mound City Bank.

But in some cases the crop and hail insurance won't be enough to recover, and that's where the state comes in. Two state representatives and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary toured farms in both Cuba City and Darlington, surveying the damage and hoping to have the area declared a federal disaster.

"When a disaster spreads out its easier to get the disaster declaration because its a wider area and more people are hit," said Wisconsin DATCP Secretary Rod Nilsestuen.

Having the region declared a disaster area will help provide financial assistance for those who didn't have crop insurance and for those who didn't have enough.

The Lafayette County Sheriff's Department is still asking that anyone with storm damage from these past two storms call them at (608) 776-4870.

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