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Airventure 2009 is Positively Wisconsin


OSHKOSH (WKOW) -- The U-S is the birthplace of powered flight, so it's no wonder the greatest airshow in the world is here.

And it's our good fortune that it takes place every year right in our own backyard of Oskosh, Wisconsin.

"It is uniquely wisconsin." Says Dick Knapinski with EAA, "It's an event that was born and grew up in Wisconsin. It took a break to Illinois in the 60's but then came back to wisconsin.))

This is the 40th year for airventure and this year it's given the public its first look at the future of space flight, the future of airline travel, and the future of private travel as well.

"There's no place in the world where you'll see the variety of aircraft you'll see here at EAA Airventure each year." says Knapinski.

And it's huge draw.

Every year, the airshow at Oshkosh attracts 500 thousand visitors, many of them are pilots who fly in and stay all week.

You've probably heard that during Airventure, Oshkosh becomes the busiest airport in the world with planes of all types flying in from all over the world, and now they have a better handle on all the activity with a brand new FAA air traffic control tower.

But despite the technological improvements, Oshkosh still relies heavily on civil air patrol cadets to keep track of the steady flow of incoming planes.

For the cadets like Daniel Dieckmann from Indiana, it's a highly sought after honor.

"It's amazing, this is my second year back and I love being around airplanes and we have thousands upon thousands of them here. It's a great experience."

Knapinski says airventure attracts so many pilots in large part, because everyone speaks the same language.

And the environment is positively wisconsin.

"This is Oshkosh, this is very informal. People come together and it doesn't matter what you fly, what you enjoy, you're welcome here.", says Knapinski, "The airplanes bring you here and the people keep you coming back."

Every year 500,000 people visit Airventure and bring $110 million to the local economy.

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