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Milwaukee mayor attacked while leaving State Fair

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- The borther of Milwaukee's mayor described Tom Barrett as in stable condition.

At an afternoon news conference, John Barrett said he spoke with his brother earlier in the day, following Saturday night's attack by a man with a metal pipe near the Wisconsin State Fair grounds.

"He's still got his sense of humor, and he is a great brother, and he's in good shape," said John Barrett.  "He'll be fine."

The Milwaukee and West Allis police chiefs jointly announced at the same news conference that a suspect, Anthony Peters, 20, had been arrested, but not yet charged, in connection with Saturday's incident.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Peters already has a long rap sheet, including disorderly conduct and weapons violations.

"He's somebody the West Allis Police Department is familiar with as one of their local knuckleheads," said Flynn.  "Last night, he was a total violent and vicious thug, and tha'ts how he behaved, and Mayor Barrett was willing to stand between that guy and the defenseless, and he suffered some significant wounds."


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was taken to a hospital Saturday night after he was attacked by an individual with a pipe as he left the Wisconsin State Fair.

According to a statement from the Milwaukee Police Department, Barrett attempted to call 911 after he heard a woman yelling for help as he left the state fair grounds. A suspect, who was attacking the woman, then charged Barrett and began hitting him with a metal pipe. The suspect fled the scene before authorities arrived.

The Milwaukee Police Department said in a statement on Sunday that Barrett was in stable condition at a local hospital and was alert and talking when he arrived on Saturday night. Police are still searching for the subject.

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