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27 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Deanna Favre school shops as Brett joins Vikes

MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- A Brett Favre friend told 27 News' Tony Galli that Deanna Favre joined her husband on his flight to become an official Minnesota Viking, contrary to other media reports which stated Favre was the plane's only passenger.

"Deanna was on the plane," former Favre personal pilot David Thomason told 27 News. "She is up there checking out schools for Breleigh." Breleigh Favre, 10, is the couple's youngest daughter.

Thomason, a former Sun Prairie resident, who now operates as a pilot out of Phoenix, told 27 News the plane that carried the Favres from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to St. Paul is the aircraft of Vikings' owner Zygmunt Wilf. "It's ironic," Thomason said, "the plane that left for Mississippi is based at the airport in Morristown, New Jersey. That's the airport Brett and I flew in and out of for the Jets."

Thomason told 27 News as recently as last week, Favre appeared "at peace" with a decision to remain retired from football. Thomason said former Packer and current Viking kicker Ryan Longwell and other team members had continued to text message Favre urging him to reconsider retirement.

Thomason told 27 News he was informed through a text message this morning at 3:00 a.m. from an unidentified source that Favre would be en route in a few hours to resume his NFL career.

"I think he would have always wondered the rest of his life if he could have still played if he had stayed retired."

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