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UPDATE: Dealers get extra time for clunker paperwork


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Auto dealers will get more time to submit their Cash for Clunkers deals to the government for repayment after the Department of Transportation extended the deadline for filing claims.

Dealers will now have until noon Tuesday to file the paperwork they need to get repaid for the Cash for Clunkers credits of up to $4,500.

The Transportation Department says the extension is due to an overwhelming demand on the computer system set up to handle the claims. The Web site was shut down temporarily Monday afternoon because of the overload.

The deadline of 8 p.m. EDT Monday still stands for the end of all Cash for Clunkers sales.


MADISON (WKOW) --  It's a race to the finish line for car dealerships, as the government program Cash for Clunkers revs its engine for the last stretch.

Cash for clunkers ends Monday night at 7 pm. The White House had thought pumping an additional two billion into the program would make it last through Labor Day, but that wasn't the case. Now dealers have until Monday night to log hundreds of car deals into the government system so they can get reimbursed.

Each clunker deal is about three-times the normal paperwork, and then takes about an hour to process on the government's website. Jon Lancaster Toyota has processed more than 400 cars since the program started.

As of Saturday night, they finished all orders. Now it's a matter of making sure all deals are entered into the system. But even the government's website has seen some glitches.

John Wineke, with Jon Lancaster Toyota, says, "Yesterday for instance, it was closed, and they put a note that came up saying that it's been overloaded and we're not letting people in [to the website]."

To give you a feeling of the financial burden on these dealerships, Jon Lancaster has received reimbursement for 28 cars so far. They say that means they're still waiting for more than $900,000 from the government.

This dealer closed the deal with customers only when their new car came in. As of Thursday, more than 457-thousand cars were sold through the program, equaling $1.9 billion dollars in rebates.

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