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Fighting H1N1 on UW's campus

MADISON (WKOW) - Freshman Derrick Borlie is looking forward to a lot of things this year, especially the upcoming wrestling season.

"It's important that I stay healthy for my school work and my athletics. So I am going to really try hard," he said.

The UW hopes other students follow in Borlie's footsteps.

Especially with the expected return of the H1N1 virus, which experts fear will be more dangerous this flu season.

"We worry with larger type cases that this could disrupt our normal activity so that's why we are taking it so seriously," says Dr. Sarah Van Orman, Director of University Health Services.

Good hygiene practices are plastered on the walls all around campus and the UW is handing out H1N1 guidelines to students, telling them what to look out for, ways to avoid catching the virus and most importantly, telling students to isolate themselves if they experience any flu like symptoms.

"They need to not just tough it out, but stay home, that's the best thing for campus," says UW Vice Provost Aaron Brower.

Which means sick students living at the dorms will have to find somewhere else to recover.

"We are strongly encouraging UW students if they have family members or friends within driving distance of campus, they return home to recover," Dr. Van Orman says.

The University has limited isolation rooms for students that don't have that option.

Borlie's closest relatives are about 15 hours away, he says he will be doing anything he can to keep from catching the virus. Even if that means avoiding his roommate.

"Yeah I am not going to be around someone who is sick, Tyler if you are sick I am going to leave you be," Borlie says.

UW health officials are also encouraging students to get vaccinated for the seasonal flu as well as the two recommended doses of the H1N1 virus vaccine when that becomes available by Mid-October.

University Health Services doesn't know how many vaccines it will get, but hope more than half of the campus will be vaccinated by the end of the Fall Semester.

For the UW's H1N1 Guidelines, click here.

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