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Kids given H1N1 trial vaccine

IOWA CITY, IA (WKOW) - Vaccine trials for the H1N1 flu virus are underway at the University of Iowa.  About 100 children are among the participants. 

They will receive two H1N1 vaccinations and a seasonal flu shot.  Researchers are analyzing how and when the H1N1 shot should be given with the seasonal shot to make it most effective.  Tests will also help determine how the government distributes what might be a limited supply of vaccine.

The children in the Iowa trials are between 6-months-old and 17-years-old. 

As of last week, at least 2,185 people, worldwide, had died from H1N1, including 522 in the United States. 

According to the World Health Organization, the average age of death has been 38-years-old, with about one-third of victims having no pre-existing medical conditions.

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