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Young Racquetball Player Takes Little Heroes Spotlight


SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- Typically in our Little Heroes segments we showcase a local team or group of kids. This week we're changing it up a bit.

Justus Benson from Sun Prairie is an 11-year old star racquetball player who will be part of the US Junior National team traveling to the Domincan Republic for the World Championships in December.

He began playing the sport of racquetball when he was seven.

"I just started hitting the ball around when my dad was at racquetball tournaments," Justus said.

"I don't know if it was natural ability or what, but he was hitting it pretty good at a young age," Justus's father Jeff Benson said.

"I liked hitting the ball with the racquet as hard as I can when I started. I play against my dad and my coach," Justus said.

"He has beaten me in some games, but he'll probably beat me regularly come spring," Jeff Benson said.

"I tell a lot of the top level guys at the club here, get it while you can because in 2 or 3 years he's going to be killing all of us," Justus's coach Paul Kreuger said.

Justus enjoyed playing and thought he was pretty good for someone his age.

"I tried one little tournament and I did pretty good so I just took it from there. Last year at Nationals I got second. I lost to my doubles partner," Justus said.

"It's great if he keeps playing like he has been playing and keeps improving like he has, he'll be pretty good," Jeff Benson said.

And Justus even serves as inspiration for those at the Prairie Athletic Club where he trains.

"I remember one of the kids after one of his matches, Justus gave him his glove and he was running around saying I got Justus's glove he was so jacked. I know the kids see his pictures on the wall, he's kind of like a little hero to the kids," Kreuger said.

"It's pretty fun," Justus said.

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