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Flame Disk for tailgating in a hurry


MADISON (WKOW) -- The sound of burgers and brats sizzling on the grill is normally one that takes patience to achieve.

But not any more.

"The goal of Flame Disk is to bring the performance of a propane grill to a charcoal grill." says inventor Chad Sorenson.

Flame Disk looks like a giant sterno burner, but it's actually a completely new fuel source similar to ethanol.

"So you take vodka, essentially, and render it into a solid with our process. That's why it's a natural, clean burning fuel."

It hardly produces any carbon monoxide.

It has no bad taste, I made sure to check on that.

And it has other advantages.

We used the product to grill several brats and burgers and just a couple minutes after we put the fire out, the grill was cool to the touch, which means you can take your grill and put it in your car without the threat of fire.

Believe it or not, charcoal grills do cause quite a few car fires.

"They slide it underneath their car and it starts the gas tank on fire." says Sorenson, "It sounds crazy, but look it up on you tube and you'll see a bunch of fires started at tailgates."

The Flame Disk has been on the market for about a year and is already going nationwide.

They cost between four and five dollars each and last about 45 minutes.

Sorenson says he knows real barbecuers will never give up their coals, but that's not his intent.

"Our goal is not to convert people to Flame Disk our goal is if one percent of the time, people use Flame Disk, we'll have a very nice business."

A business that started in Wisconsin, is manufactured in Wisconsin, and has a glowing future, that's Positively Wisconsin.

Sorenson says the flame disk is especially popular with women who previously thought the grill was a man's realm.

Now, with just a strike of a match, they find themselves grilling with no muss and no fuss.

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