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Sheboygan mayor apologizes for actions on videotape


SHEBOYGAN (WKOW) -- Sheboygan's mayor says he's sorry he made sexual remarks about his sister-in-law that ended up on YouTube.

The video of Mayor Bob Ryan was posted Tuesday night. It appears to have been shot on a camera phone unbeknown to Ryan.

The video shows Ryan talking on a cell phone in what appears to be a bar. Ryan then makes a remark about his wife's sister and oral sex.

Ryan appeared live on WHBL-AM radio in Sheboygan Thursday morning calling the incident an embarrassment. He questioned whether the timing of the video was connected to allegations he fired his human resources manager because she resisted his advances.

At a later news conference, Ryan acknowledged he was aware of concerns about his active social life when he took office, and vowed to curb or eliminate "going out."   Ryan's wife also appeared at the news conference and said she supported him.

At the news conference, Ryan, mayor of the city of 115,000, said he did drink alcohol on the occasion his remarks were caught on videotape, but declined to say whether he was inebriated.

Click here to watch the video of Ryan on YouTube (Warning: This video contains sexually explicit content)

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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