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Inmates accused of phone scam while behind bars

GREEN BAY (WKOW) -- Brown County investigators are looking into whether a dozen inmates at the local jail scammed lawyers and public service workers from behind bars.

 Brown County Sheriff's Captain Jeff Sanborn says there could be criminal charges.  He believes the inmates may have been part of a phone scam.  The scheme allegedly used software to make thousands of collect calls and charge them to local businesses and county offices.

Investigators still are counting the number of calls and victims, but say between 10 and 15 inmates made suspicious calls between July and August. The largest bill charged was for $2,400. Calls were billed to five law offices and six county departments.

Sanborn says the inmates found a way to call people on the outside and bill the calls to a third party.

Officials say the jail uses a private phone vendor, which has fixed the software problem.

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