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Little Basketball Heroes


MADISON (WKOW) -- The weather outside is getting colder in a hurry. And while we may be in the middle of football season, it also means that we're not too far away from the start of basketball.

In this week's Little Heroes we go to the Dane County East YMCA for Rookies Basketball.

The 5 and 6 year olds who take part in Rookies basketball are varied in skill. some are actually pretty good, making the ball into the 8 foot tall hoop with regularity. Others are working on the ball handling and shot.

"Dribbling is the toughest," little Owen said.

But watching their favorite basketball players on TV has them dreaming big and knowing the possible glory the sport may hold for them.

"If you make a ball into the basket, you can win the game," 6 year old Austin said.

The program is trying to teach the basics so the kids have skills they can expand on as they grow older.

And based on the ability of some of these kids, we'll be covering their accomplishments when they get to high school. 

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