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Starting a mission farm


DEERFIELD (WKOW) -- Many families are facing tough times right now. Often, it's the kids who fall through the cracks.

A local man hopes to change that by building a mission farm in Dane County, a place where kids can go for a fresh start.

The farm is still a work in progress, but organizers hope, with the community's help, groundbreaking can begin soon.

Between Deerfield and Cambridge, sits acres of farm and prairie land. And, as one man sees it, the potential to help kids in need.

"Some of these kids never get to see any of that," said J.W. Sims. "They come home from school, they see a TV, a Nintendo game, and that's it. No outside interaction."

Sims, who owns the land, wants to build a mission farm -- a place for city kids, specifically those who are troubled or neglected, to stretch their legs and imaginations.

"A chance to come out to the country, do a little work, have a little fun, see a horse up close, see some rural life," Sims said.

In order for the farm to come to fruition, Sims needs donations -- things like tractors, farm tools, and equipment, greenhouse items or hoop houses, shelter and straw for horses, even fencing and posts.

Sims' plan is for the farm to sustain itself, through a vibrant one-acre garden. He says sales of the organic vegetables would allow the mission farm to grow, helping even more kids.

"And maybe instill some basic fundamentals that will help them make better choices down the road."

Sims is working to create an outreach ministry with a local church, to gain status as a non-profit organization.

Right now, any of the items we mentioned would be helpful. Sims says he'd even welcome advice or ideas from the community.

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