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UPDATE: School closing due to students absent with flu-like symptoms


SPRING GREEN (WKOW) -- A Spring Green school is closing its doors for the rest of the week.

River Valley School District says more than 100 students were sick from River Valley Middle School Monday, nearly 40 percent of its population. The majority of those students were out with flu-like symptoms.

Administrators hope the rest of the week will be enough time for the sickness to run its course and stop spreading.

"Chances are there were kids at school [Monday] who were exposed and are going to become ill," said Superintendent James Benson. "If it takes two to three days for them to become symptomatic, we're hopeful that we're kind of nipping this in the bud, so to speak."

Benson says he expects most students to be healthy and back in school by Monday, when classes and activities resume.

School officials say the absentee rate at the elementary school and high school is normal so their classes and activities will go on as scheduled.

Benson says there are not any confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus right now; however, many students at River Valley do have symptoms common with the virus, such as a high fever and sore throat.

Plus, health officials still say most flu-like sickness circulating now is, in fact, the H1N1 virus and not the seasonal flu.

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