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Welcome to our new Healthy Moms Project


Hello busy moms!  Thank you for taking a look at Kim's Parenting Project page and the journey Kim is on to regain her past level of fitness.  My name is Dustin Maher and in the next five weeks I will be sharing with you how you can achieve the best body of your life (yes it is possible after having kids!)

Please check back often and read up on Kim's journey.  Please post questions as well and I will try to answer them.

If you aren't part of my FREE fitness newsletter for moms, I encourage you to sign up by visiting my website at http://www.dustinmaherfitness.com and put your name and email in the boxes at the right hand side of the page.  The website will also give you info about how you can take part in any one of my many programs that are designed to help busy moms achieve amazing results.  If you like workout DVDs, visit http://www.fitmomsforlife.com to claim your FREE CD and DVD (just pay shipping), in order for you to try the program out.

Dustin Maher

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