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Healthy Moms: Kim's healthy lifestyle changes


MADISON (WKOW) -- Lets face it, when you are a parent, life is hectic.  Most of the time moms and dads put their needs last. Unfortunately, that often includes their health.

So, over the next several weeks we will be bringing you a series of stories on healthy moms.

We will talk about nutrition, fitness, motivation and more.

It's important to be healthy for your kids and for yourself. So, over the next few weeks, as the Parenting Project reporter, I plan to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Personal Trainer Dustin Maher has agreed to help me. 

Over the past week, I let him go through my fridge and pantry. He pulled out all the stuff that I shouldn't be eating or drinking, like Diet Coke, coffee creamer, sugar-filled yogurt and cereal, plus a whole lot more.

We took all my body measurements, which was not fun. I hate to do it, but because I agreed to make changes, I want you the viewers to help keep me on track.

So, here are all my measurements from head to toe.

  • Weight - 127 lbs.
  • Body Fat % - 22
  • Arm - 10 inches
  • Chest - 36 inches
  • Hips - 38 inches
  • Waist - 28.75 inches
  • Abs - 31.50 inches
  • Thigh - 20.50 inches

Over the next 6 weeks, my goal is basically to lose 1 to 2 percent of my body fat and lose about 5 pounds.

For me though, changing my lifestyle is more about feeling better and having more energy than changing my appearance.

I will be doing this through a change in my diet and a 3 day-a-week exercise program called MamaTone Fitness, which is lead by Dustin Maher.

He is a great motivator, and has dedicated much of his time to helping moms improve their lives. To watch him go through my fridge and get me started on the fitness front, click on the video icon.

Also, please join me on this journey, I can use all the encouragement I can get. I plan to blog daily about what I am eating, what my work outs are like, how I am feeling and what my challenges are.

Wish me luck!

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