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H1N1: At-risk groups


MADISON (WKOW) -- Overall, many of the people who have died of H1N1 had underlying medical conditions that put them at greater risk.

They include pregnant women, people who are obese, those with emphysema, cystic fibrosis, and asthma.

On the surface, these groups may not seem to have anything in common, but doctors say they all share a critical health problem that puts them at greater risk of dying from H1N1.

“People in these categories all have trouble fully expanding their lungs and breathing deeply, and having normal pulmonary function,” said Dr. Thomas Schlenker at the Madison – Dane County Health Department.

Dr. Schlenker says people who have difficulty breathing have a harder time ridding the virus from their lungs.

Treatment for H1N1 is also different. Healthy people can recover in a few days, with bed rest and drinking liquids. At-risk groups would most likely need anti-viral medications.

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