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DOES IT WORK? Jupiter Jack


MADISON (WKOW) -- Using your cell phone in the car can be dangerous.  In many states, it's illegal.  The Jupiter Jack promises to make it easier for you to use cell phones while driving. 

It's a tiny device that plugs in to your cell phone and wirelessly transmits your cell phone's audio to your car's radio speakers.  It works kind of like a speakerphone amplified throughout your car.  But, does it work? 

27 News Call for Action Reporter Dan Cassuto tested the Jupiter Jack on Madison's roads. 

We found the device to be totally unreliable.

The Jupiter Jack only gives you two radio frequencies to use.  That means you need to be driving in an area where there isn't already a strong radio signal on that frequency.

In our tests, when the Jupiter Jack could transmit a signal strong enough to our car, the quality was very good.  However, it would get interrupted all the time by loud country music and static.

For example, if you set the Jupiter Jack to 99.3 FM, it means you need to set your car radio to 99.3 FM and it will broadcast the sound coming from your cell phone.

However, if you're driving in an area where there's another radio station on 99.3 FM, you're going to hear that radio station (and not your cell phone) or a terrible mix of the radio station, your cell phone, and static.

We give the Jupiter Jack zero stars out of five.

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