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Behind The Kitchen Door: Verona High School


VERONA (WKOW) -- Verona schools might be the last place you'd expect to find problems in the cafeteria. It's schools are clean, well funded and have a sterling reputation.

But behind the kitchen doors, the cafeteria at Verona High School has had more than it's share of problems.

A quick flip through last year's inspection for Verona High School and you realize how true it is that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Verona is known for providing quality education in a contemporary setting.

But, this report peels back the veneer in the lunch room. Verona High School had the most critical violations of all the schools we visited: five.

It's the kind of situation that makes inspectors wax philosophical.

"Just depending on that moment in time, we'll see different things." says Bonnie Lynn with the Public Health Dept. "And I think that's good as a health inspector then we can address these things and learn from them."

The list of critical violations last year included, food kept at the wrong temperature...improperly dated food...and three cleaning or sanitation issues.

All of them were immediately resolved. But this year, staff was a bit more on edge.

"When I come in, there's two different responses." says health inspector Eric Olsen, "Either people eye's get big and wide like saucers or they want to run back to the office. "

But the crew at Verona has learned its lesson. This year's inspection had only one critical violation: the soup was heated at too low a temperature.

"Food service is a couple hours if there's food that's left over it's automatically discarded." says Olsen, "There's still potential for bacteria growth."

But, it was easily and quickly corrected.

"Yeah, they did a good job. It's always good to see." says Olsen, "Year to year, we get improvement. Instead of an increase in violations we get a decrease like this."

And then it's back to a routine that hopefully maintains those high standards until next year.

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