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Little Figure Skaters


OREGON (WKOW) -- We have been lucky with the warm weather outside so far this year, but kids are still inside getting in their time on the rinks.

Kids have all the winter sports to get ready for as competition rolls in soon.

Among the more popular indoor, winter sports is figure skating.

In this week's Little Heroes, we head to the rink down in Oregon to met up with the Southern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club.

Ice skating is a big part of more than one winter sport, but in figure skating it is all about grace, jumps and making sure you do not get too dizzy from all those spins.

As the kids will tell you, figure skating is not easy. The jumps are difficult and skating backwards is tougher than it looks.

Doing the jumps appears to be the most popular thing among young figure skaters. Even though they can be a bit painful if they fail to land those.

Either way, the kids get a lot of joy, whether it is evident in the music or the smiles on their faces.


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