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Madison Muslim Dawa Circle releases statement condemning Fort Hood shooting


MADISON (WKOW) -- Salih Erschen of the Madison Muslim Dawa Circle, today released a statement condemning the Fort Hood shooting, saying "actions by this lone gunman should in no way be remembered as an action befitting a Muslim."

27 News spoke with members of the Madison Muslim Dawa Circle earlier this month. You can read and watch that entire report by clicking here or on the link next to this story.

Below is the entire news release:

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims all over the nation and here in Wisconsin. The Muslims of the Madison Dawa Circle as well as Muslims everywhere pray that the Heavenly Creator change the trials of this time to a hidden blessing and ease. Thursday, November 5th, was a tragic day, but the actions by this lone gunman should in no way be remembered as an action befitting a Muslim. We categorically reject such behavior as it goes against the inspired teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and all the Prophets, peace and blessing be upon them.

Islam is a part of American history and it stands as a moral stronghold for our future. The question is often asked at such times: “What will it take to get Muslims to respond when something like this happens?” My first answer to this question is that the Muslims respond all the time, wherever they are given the chance. We must remember that the issues at hand are deeper than a five-minute sound bite or a news paper article. As Muslims we must strive to respond in an informed way, with reflection and true heartfelt compassion rather than the untamed emotions of those who would use this opportunity to smear the Muslims by connecting a crime to a Religion. Of course a person cannot help but feel instantly shocked and saddened by the news of such an event. It is doubly shocking for Muslims because while we commonly respond to the inherent horror and injustice of such criminal acts; at the same time, we know that some will unjustly try to blame Islam and the Muslims generally for these crimes. When a Muslim commits a crime, the act is used politically, while the religions of other criminals are ignored. We are then put in a defensive position and never get a chance to openly share the benefits of Islam.

As Americans we all need answers; an initial emotional response is not enough. Answers,

real answers, should come with change and real change can bring openings from where we know not. Our society is long overdue for some real change so that this recurrent plague of mass murder will find an end.

Truthfully our American culture is not a “Camelot dream” with self-generating money dripping from trees and limitless freedom like some utopian fantasy. We have witnessed an increase in mass murder incidents for many years now, one more ghastly than the next. This is a social ill in our culture that has set a desperate measure for grasping attention. People who feel neglected cannot find the help they are seeking, ignored they lash out in almost limitless ways, beginning with strange behavior to gain attention and ending with mass murder. It all points to an imbalance with in the culture. It is understood the essence of the matter at hand is an act of insanity, pure rage from an individual pushed to a limit that he could no longer bear. Unfortunately this incident does not stand alone, it adds to a list of violence we have seen steadily growing in our lifetime. The question that must be reflected upon is how we have arrived at a point where these abhorrent acts are almost a daily event?

We Americans are looking for our people to regain a firm moral footing and a good standing in the world that we once had. To attain such a goal we will have to return to an understanding of the natural limits of The Devine, and this is where Islam offers solutions for the American future: freedom of religion, freedom in the market place without taxation, freedom to speak truth to authority, and best of all freedom to be human within natural limits and in harmony with nature itself.

The Madison Muslims Dawa Circle invites you to join us in working towards this goal. We call upon the Heavenly Creator to help us Americans establish ourselves in a way that is pleasing, so we can all say with confidence once again: God Bless America!


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