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TEXTING LINGO: Changing kids vocabulary?

MADISON (WKOW) -- Looking into texting lingo left us wondering: how has all this lingo affected kids in English class?

We stopped by Madison East High School to check it out.

David Aguayo, a Madison East Junior, says, "I actually wrote an lol in a paper like a week ago, and I put in parenthesis, is this ok to use?"

Justin Pharo, also a Madison East junior, says, "Proper English isn't really used anymore. I misspell like you all the time in my papers have to erase it. It messes up a lot of my English stuff."

12th-grader Anna To man disagrees. "When I'm writing papers I'm more formal about it. I won't put an lol or a wtf in my paper."

English teacher Don Hoaglin has taught English at Madison East for nine years.

He says there are pros and cons.. to texting acronyms.

Hoaglin says, "Vocabulary is limited. That's a negative. We see where vocabulary has to be emphasized with writing. because students tend to be limited in their text compared to how they're writing on paper."

Hoaglin says he does remind students not to use acronyms in formal papers, but he does see that every so often. There are times, he says, when the latest lingo is effective in writing short stories, if a student is writing in that style for a story.

Hoaglin says on a positive note, texting and Twitter have helped kids write more concisely.

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