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Holiday shopping tips: digital cameras and music players


In choosing a camera, the megapixel race is over. Now, it's all about lifestyle considerations.

For the budding artist, consider the Canon SX120, which has 10x optical zoom, twice that of most compact cameras and it's great for portraits and closeups.

Want a rugged outdoorsman's dream? The Panasonic Lumix is shock proof and waterproof and takes great pictures The Lumix retails for about $300.

The Kodak Easy Share is popular among casual photographers. It's simple to use, takes pretty good photos, and costs just $165.

Take a lot of pictures of yourself? The Samsung dual view has an LCD monitor on the back, and on the front.

Finally if you want the newest of the new: the Sony TX1 takes great low light photos, has a

special feature that keeps faces in focus and check out the smile detector: it won't take the shot until you smile. 

Moving on to music players, for good reason, the obvious choice is the iPod. Apple recently cut prices on almost all its models: The shuffle starts at $59, The Nano is $149, and the iPod touch is now $199.

But for the right person, there's one new music player worth considering: the Sansa Clip Plus. It costs $39, has a built in FM radio, and while you can transfer songs to the device from your computer, this player is really for people who don't want that hassle. For $50 you buy these little memory cards that are preloaded with a 1,000 songs of a specific genre: rock, country, or hip hop. The Sansa Clip Plus is a great budget gift for someone who's a little tech-phobic, but would love access to a lot of music.

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