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Healthy Moms: Finding time to exercise


MADISON (WKOW) -- Exercise is a huge part of being healthy, but it can be the hardest part to start.

Most of the people I talk with say exercise is the part they dread the most. And I admit, it is hard to get started.

But what if I told you that exercise would give you more energy and patience, and just make you less irritable. I have talked with a lot of moms who say it does just that.

At 3:05 when the school bus pulls up, and Anne Anderson's two kids arrive, it's pretty much non-stop until bedtime.

When the kids get home, they're hungry, so first it's snacks, then it's homework, soccer, dinner, bathes and bedtime.

Ann says, "It is crazy, usually I don't sit down for too long."

To keep up with this schedule, Anne turned to exercise. Two days a week she goes to a MamaTone Fitness class.

"It gets your blood pumping, makes you feel better," says Anne

Personal Trainer Dustin Maher runs the MamaTone class.

He says, "The most important thing for moms is to figure out is what their schedule is, and what they can do. If I'm telling them to exercise 6 days a week and they know they can't, I'm setting them up for failure. I think minimum 30 minutes a day - 3 days a week."

Dustin recommends you do higher intensity activities, because they can actually change your metabolism.

"We do a lot of strength training, so that's number one, because it will change tissue, build curves and create tone muscle. But it also increases the metabolism for up to 48 hours after the workout," according to Dustin.

And how about this?

He says, "If you can't dedicate even 30 minutes a day, try to break it up into 5-10 minute segments. There have been studies done to show that 10 minutes, 3 times a day is at least as effective as one-30 minute boost of exercise."

Anne says now that she has started exercising, she loves it, and doesn't want to stop.

"It just gives you more confidence and makes you happier in general. It makes you happy knowing that if you're taking care of yourself, you're taking better care of your kids," she says.

To watch a demonstration of some of the exercises that Dustin is talking about, click on the video icon.


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