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USPS offers flat rate to ship holiday cheer to family and friends


MADISON (WKOW) -- The U.S. Postal Service is offering a new way to spread holiday cheer with friends and family who are away from home this year. With the USPS' new "Flavor of Home" recipe you can literally send a holiday meal to anyone who will miss that home-cooked flavor this year.

With Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes you can now send every ingredient needed to cook a delicious Thanksgiving dinner all in one box.

The "Flavor of Home" program includes a recipe and checklist that include every item needed to prepare a traditional holiday meal. By using canned and dry goods, every item needed will fit inside a large Priority Mail Flat Rate box.

"Care packages from home are a big morale boost," said Postmaster Paul Nistler.  "With Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, you can lift spirits without weighing yourself down.  If it fits, it ships for one low price."

You can pick up a free, eco-friendly Priority Mail Flat Rate box at any Post Office, or order them online by clicking here.  A discount is available for shipping the largest Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to military addresses. To ship the large boxes domestically, it costs $13.95. For packages sent to U.S. military addresses overseas, it costs $11.95.

To see a list of restricted and prohibited items to send to military APO/FPO addresses, check out the Postal Service's Supporting Our Troops page by clicking here

Below are the "Flavor of Home" ingredients. All ingredients come as canned or dried food items:
1 box of dried whipped topping mix
1 box of no-bake pumpkin pie dessert
1 9-inch tin pie pan
1 box of dried stuffing mix
1 package of instant mashed potatoes
1 quart boxed milk
1 16 oz. can candied yams
1 12 oz. jar marshmallow topping
1 14 oz. can of vegetables
1 16 oz. can of cranberry sauce
1 package cornbread mix
1 package dried, turkey gravy
1 package butter-flavored shortening
1 canned turkey or chicken (can be found at many specialty food stores)

Total approximate cost — $25

Here is the USPS "Flavor of Home" recipe:
Turkey or Chicken — Heat to desired temperature. Season to taste.
Pumpkin pie — Follow directions on box for crust and filling. If no butter is available,   substitute butter-flavored shortening provided. Press crust mix into provided tin pie pan. Pour mixture into crust. Refrigerate.
Whipped topping — Follow directions on box. Add vanilla (optional) for flavor. Refrigerate.
Cranberry sauce — Open can, place on plate, and refrigerate.
Cornbread — Follow directions on box, adding water to mix. Bake according to directions for 15–20 minutes.
Candied yams — Open can. Heat according to directions. Pour marshmallow topping to taste.
Stuffing — Mix with water and cook according to packaging directions. If no butter is available, substitute butter-flavored shortening provided.
Mashed Potatoes — Mix with boiling water and mix according to packaging directions
Gravy — Mix with boiling water and stir. Vegetable — Open can and heat until hot.
Vegetable — Open can and heat until hot.

A Large Priority Mail Flat Rate box from the USPS can hold all of the ingredients needed for the "Flavor of Home" recipe.

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