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Healthy alternatives to calorie-heavy drinks


Here's the hard truth, alcohol can add 100 calories to a drink. Plus, salty party food can make you thirsty. So to help you navigate the holiday drink offerings, we enlisted registered dietitian Debra Boutin.

"Anytime you see something that's thicker, more dense, you're automatically going to start thinking more calories, more sweetener, more fat," says Boutin. "Anytime you see something a little more thin, something you can see through, it's probably on the lower calorie and lower fat side."

To keep you healthy, Boutin recommends these holiday drink alternatives: Starting with a pomegranate spritzer. "Pomegranates are filled with anthocyanins which gives it that beautiful red color and that has antioxidant properties that are very, very healthy," says Boutin.

Add zero calorie sparkling water, and finish with pomegranate seeds that float to the top. "It's always safe to have one beverage, enjoy one, and then switch to something like sparkling water."

Or you can try Boutin's non-alcoholic basil lime fizz. Start with basil leaves, blend with water, sugar and baking soda to make a syrup. "So we've taken the basil syrup, the lime juice, and then we're going to top off the glass with some club soda water, to get that fizz," says Boutin. 

If you want a warm, healthy holiday drink, try cranberry ginger cider. Heat apple cider, cranberry juice, orange zest and ginger root, strain and serve."With the nice flavor of the orange and the ginger, it's delicious."

To finish off calorie free, add cardamom to your coffee. It offers a taste of the holidays, without the calories.

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