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Project Money, Part 12


MADISON (WKOW) -- Getting started can be the hardest part of changing your financial habits for the better.

The Project Money contest provides a coach for each of the four teams to get them off on the right foot.

Team Faber is a family of five from Mt. Horeb. Darek and Kari have been working with their Project Money coach, Don Griffin.

To get started, their coach had the Fabers track where they spent their money; every dollar.

"Take a look at your last two statements. Take a look, where is your money going now? And really dive in and, sometimes have an outside source ask you, is this needed? Is this a priority? You may look at the cable (TV) and ask, is this a priority or is this, this goal, this dream?" says Griffin.

He also had the Fabers choose specific goals for their money; things like saving for college, fixing their house and buying a new car.

"Those goals became more important than their everyday spending. And once that happens, then it starts progressing."

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Online reporting by Greg Jeschke

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