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Fundraiser to help build school in Tanzania


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Dartmouth College student from Madison raised money on Sunday for a mission halfway around the world.

A fundraiser took place in the afternoon at Unearthed Gallery on University Avenue. 

Ben Robbins hopes to eventually raise at least $100,000 to a build a school on a part of Tanzania that he's visited.

Initially, he traveled there to help a start-up HIV/AIDS clinic.  Shortly thereafter, he realized the local students had no option for schooling after second grade.  That was a problem because students there much complete seventh grade in order to enter secondary school.

"For a lot of people, I imagine this might be categorized as a general, help the kids on this horribly poor continent kind of thing," said Robbins on Sunday.  "It's this really broad thing. For us being there, this has become so much more real."

Anyone who donated at least $950 dollars on Sunday were able to receive specialized lamps. 

Robbins plans to return to Tanzania in January as part of his Dartmouth fellowship.  He hopes to have more money raised by then.

27 News' Barbara Vaughan recently profiled Robbins' efforts.  Click here to view the earlier report, which includes links on how you can donate.

Online reporting by Carl Agnelly.

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