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DOES IT WORK? "Open It" Plastic Package Opener


MADISON (WKOW) -- Opening plastic packages can be next to impossible.

There's a device called the "Open It!" that promises to make it effortless to cut open tightly-packaged plastic toys, tools, and other products.

WKOW tested it with a focus group of four-year-olds at a Madison public library.

None of the kids could get the plastic packages open using their bare hands.  Even WKOW's Dan Cassuto couldn't use his hands to tear open the plastic.

The "Open It!" easily cut through the plastic and we could take out the toy in a few seconds. 

However, we have a few cautions. The device is very sharp and even has a small exacto-knife built in to the bottom.  You do not want to leave the device lying around anywhere near kids.  Keep it away from your children at all times.

Also, when you're cutting through the plastic packages, you need to keep your hands fairly close to the jagged edges you just cut.  That's because the "Open It!" doesn't have an exceptionally long handle (nor should it, for case of use).  However, you could end up cutting yourself when you're cutting the package open because of that.  Be careful.

Ironically, the "Open It!" is slightly difficult to open itself, but not nearly as bad as some plastic products.

We give the "Open It!"4.5 stars out of 5.

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