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Woman finds man wielding knife in her apartment

MADISON (WKOW) -- Early Christmas Eve morning, Madison Police arrested a man who was disoriented and unable to answer questions about why he was in a stranger's apartment.

It happened around 3:17 a.m. Thursday when the 19-year-old woman awoke in her apartment on the 600 block of North Lake Street.

She told police she awoke to the sound of crashing and pounding noises.  She eventually saw Alec E. Schlemmer, 19, standing shirtless with a 10-inch knife.

According to an MPD news release, the woman was able to convince the man to drop the knife.

When police arrived, Schlemmer told them he was sure someone was trying to harm him.  Police don't know why he chose to enter the apartment.  He was taken to a local hospital and registered with having a .24 blood alcohol level.

Police are referring charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass, and intimidation of a victim.

Online reporting by Carl Agnelly.

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