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"Sconnie" nominated as local word of the year


MADISON (WKOW) -- One of Madison's most beloved terms is on the path toward national recognition. The word "Sconnie" is up for City Dictionary's 2009 Local Word of the Year award.

According to City Dictionary, the word sconnie can mean anything related to Wisconsin, and the capitalized form typically refers to someone from Wisconsin.

While the origin of the name is up for debate, people from places as far as Colorado and Hawaii have used the word on City Dictionary's website.

Sconnie Nation, an apparel company out of University of Wisconsin-Madison, has trademarked the Sconnie brand, and many people think of Sconnie only in reference to UW-Madison.

Other local words up for this year's award include New Orlean's "neutral ground," Boston's "polio water," Washington, D.C.'s "slugging," and Minnesota's "meat raffle."

To vote for your favorite local word, visit City Dictionary's website.

Online reporting by Jamie Hersch
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