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Madison alders revive Edgewater Hotel plans


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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Common Council brought the Edgewater proposal back from the dead Tuesday night.

Alders voted unanimously to send the hotel plans to the Urban Design and Plan Commissions.

The motion, voiced by Alder Bridget Maniaci, will allow the commissions to weigh-in on the proposal, and give feedback to the council.

Alders asked for recommendations by the February 23rd council meeting.

The meeting Tuesday lasted only two and a half hours, much shorter than the 11-hour marathon session in December. Sixty people signed up to speak but only a hand full actually did.

Referral is something some alders had wanted from the beginning -- more input, more discussion, more chances to tweak the project.

Whether or not Hammes Company is willing to go back to the drawing board remains to be seen. For now, referral is something the council and the developers say they both can live with.

"The city council supports the rehabilitation of the 1940's building and redevelopment of the Edgewater site as a whole," Maniaci said.

"My hopes all along is that you give us the opportunity to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and bring you a complete plan for a project," developer Robert Dunn said.

The debate is far from over.

Some residents from the Mansion Hill neighborhood are still unhappy about the project's size and scope, and how it fits in with the rest of the historic district.

It also puts members of the Urban Design And Plan Commissions in a difficult position. The Landmarks Commission already deemed the plan unsuitable for the neighborhood, so they would have to overturn that.

The Urban Design and Plan Commissions are scheduled to meet Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. As of Tuesday night, the agendas did not include debate on the Edgewater plans.

Road to Edgewater's resurrection:

June 2009

  • Hammes Company and developer Robert Dunn unveil a $109 million renovation plan. It includes more than 300 rooms, an 11-story tower, and public terrace overlooking Lake Mendota.

 August 2009

  • Preservationists and residents in the Mansion Hill neighborhood voice their concerns about the plan, criticizing the building's height, obstruction of lake views, and zoning rules.

October 2009

  • Hammes Company scales back the proposal, shortens the tower height to eight stories, adds another terrace, for a total cost of $93 million.

November 2009

  • The Madison Common Council sets aside $16 million in public funding (TIF) to move the hotel project forward.
  • The Landmarks Commission decides the building is out of character with the rest of the neighborhood.

December 2009

  • Hammes Company appeals to the city council to overturn the Landmarks Commission, but alders fall two votes short of overturning the ruling.

 January 2010

  • The Madison Common Council refers the Edgewater plans to the Urban Design and Plan Commissions with a February 23 deadline for recommendations.
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