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240-year-old Maine elm tree to be chopped down

YARMOUTH, Maine (WKOW) -- After surviving the American Revolution and 14 bouts of Dutch elm disease, America's oldest and tallest elm tree will finally fall later this month.

The 110-foot-tall tree, nicknamed Herbie, has stood in Yarmouth, Maine for over 200 years.

And the former town tree warden who befriended Herbie says he's made his peace with the tree's impending demise.

Frank Knight, himself 101-years-old, says in the 1950s, the tree was so big and beautiful he couldn't bear to chop it down. Over the years, he nursed Herbie back to health to battle the dreaded disease, using insecticides and fungicide injections to keep the tree strong.

But the latest round has proven fatal, and the tree will be cut down January 18. That's also when we'll learn the true age of Herbie, which is estimated to be 240 years old.

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