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Geophysicist: Quake was predicted


HAITI (WKOW) --  Earthquakes are the most destructive force in nature, and Haiti's quake hit with the same energy as 500,000 ton of TNT or 25 nuclear bombs.

But Haiti's 7.0 earthquake may not be as random and rare as it seems. In fact, scientists familiar with the fault line-- running beneath Haiti-- forecasted a quake like this in 2008.

Paul Mann, a geophysicist, says, "We do have a GPS detector that is tracking the motions of the fault and that is what led us to predict that this fault was a potentially dangerous fault that would at some point rupture."

And when it did after 250 years of building pressure, the quake was shallow, the action closer to the surface causing extensive damage. Yearly, there are 17 quakes just as powerful as the one which crippled Haiti--though most are in remote regions.

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