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UW students happy to be out of Haiti


MADISON (WKOW) -- UW students in Haiti at the time of the quake arrived back in Madison Friday night.

On Saturday, we spoke with three of the five students whom were visibly exhausted. Memories of Tuesday's earthquake still fresh in their minds.

"Some of us were all sitting in an irrigation canal when we felt the ground shake," said Tyler Lark.

The group Engineers Without Borders was in Bayonais working on a medical center, 70 miles away from the hardest hit city Port Au Prince.

"I think ironically it was entertaining if anything else, we were excited we felt an earthquake," said UW student Eyleen Chou.

But, Chou says reality set in hours later.

"I opened up my e-mail and the first thing I saw was several messages about an earthquake," Chou said.

"Once we heard the news and saw the online articles everything kind of turned to concern," Lark said.

The first thing they did was tell family they were safe and located far enough away from any danger.

The impact still hit the town of Bayonais hard.

"When the main community leader came back with the news you could screaming and crying from very far away," Chou said.

"They love each other and mourn for each other in a whole different way then you see in the United States," said UW student Randi Shiever.

The students said they wanted to help, and did.

"In order to support the community, we had to leave, we had to let them take care of themselves and not become a burden on their functions," Chou said.

"We would have been, at that point, more mouths to feed," Shiever said.

The students call the experience a blur, but they've kept journals to track a journey that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The students got back home on schedule and said they were able to complete the job they were sent to Bayonais to do.


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