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Student wins PSA award, gets hit by drunk driver

Taylor Scott following Saturday's crash Taylor Scott following Saturday's crash

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TOWN OF BLACK EARTH (WKOW) -- Three people are recovering from minor injuries after police say a drunk driver caused a three-car crash over the weekend.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the Town of Black Earth on Highway 14 near Schultz Road.

Dane County deputies were trying to locate an erratic driver, after receiving tips from several people.

Before police could find him, they say he collided with two other vehicles.

One of the victims is a 17-year-old student from Arena, who recently won a contest for creating a public service announcement about safe driving.

Taylor Scott won first prize for the MSG2TEENS contest on FOX 47. The TV spot depicts a frightening drunk driving reenactment.

Little did Scott know, the fictional scene would become all too real.

Scott, his cousin Sarah Storms, 21, Aasha Dobbs, 21, both of Richland Center, and Andrew Mauzy, 18, of Tolono, Illinois, were driving to Madison Saturday evening, when they noticed an erratic driver coming toward them on Highway 14.

"You worry about drunk drivers, but you think about it being later at night," Dobbs said.

Deputies were already looking for a 2006 Ford pick-up truck, driven by 28-year-old Adam V. Schultz, of Black Earth.

But before they could locate him, Schultz, who police say was intoxicated, crossed the center line into eastbound traffic.

"It was all in a split second," said Dobbs, who was driving the 2004 Dodge van. "Just a pair of lights and boom. I was freaking out."

"I just remember trying to say something," Storms said. "All I could get out was a scream. It happened all so fast."

The pick-up truck slammed into the driver's side of their van.

"I felt heat, then warmth on my face," Scott said. "I saw this cloud of glass that came at me."

Shards of glass cut into Scott's face. His friends sustained minor injuries, but were able to get out of the van.

Seconds after the first crash, police say the pick-up truck hit another red van, forcing it into a ditch, and flipping it onto its side. Scott and his friends ran to help the 53-year-old driver from Cross Plains.

"The lady was pinned in there," Scott said. "We could see blood coming from her head."

As EMTs arrived, Scott said he couldn't help but think about the public service announcement he helped create, which days earlier, won first prize in Fox 47's MSG2TEENS contest.

In the chilling scene, Scott portrays a drunk driver who hits a pedestrian.

"I put a quote in, superimposed at the end, where it says, 'there are dumber things than drinking and driving, but it's a very short list' -- that kind of hit home," Scott said. "I've never been in an accident like this before. I never encountered a drunk driver before. I just wanted to make a difference -- get the message out to teens."

Scott said some of the police officers and EMTs recognized him from his PSA.

"For the accident to really happen -- a real, real awakening," Scott said. "I couldn't even fathom it."

All three vehicles are likely total losses, according to Dobbs.

Everyone is expected to recover. Deputies say that's because everyone involved in the accident had seatbelts fastened, which prevented them from being seriously injured or even killed.

The driver of the pick-up, Adam Schultz, was arrested for causing injury by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle.

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