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A glimmer of hope for those adopting Haitian orphans


BELOIT (WKOW) -- There's a glimmer of hope for a Janesville man headed to Haiti to bring his adopted son home.

The US government has now made it easier for Haitian orphans to leave the country: granting temporary pardons to children being adopted.

27 News has the latest on a man's journey to find his son.

Monday, we told you about Shawn Banker. A 16-year-old in Haiti is legally his son, now he's heading there.. to bring his son, named Nady, back.

And he has an entire church community backing him up.

28-year-old Matt Harvey goes to church with Shawn Banker at Central Christian Church in Beloit. The church has sent numerous groups to Haiti for years. Harvey had just left Haiti when the earthquake struck.

Harvey says, "When we got back to the Miami airport... all of a sudden, something was said about Haiti.. and devastation. Right then and there, everybody in our group just burst into tears. A couple of us, including me, wanted to go back."

Harvey had been to the orphanage where 16-year-old Nady lives. He was adopted by Janesville couple Shawn and Katie Banker.

Harvey says, "Nady's one of my favorites. He's all smiles, I can just imagine.. even as all hell is breaking loose.. he's probably still got a big ol grin on his face. He's just priceless."

Nady's orphanage collapsed from the earthquake. Harvey's been talking with him occasionally on the phone.

Central Christian Church is now working to help, even holding a candlelight vigil for the country earlier this week.

Pastor David Clark says, "The children need protection, they need food, they need water, and there are more orphans than ever before."

Harvey adds, "I know Nady will be back here, and when he gets here he'll experience the cold Wisconsin winter!"

Central Christian decided this afternoon to put a hold on trips to Haiti until its been deemed safe.

Matt Harvey tells 27 News that as soon as he can, he'll want to get back to help.

The U.S. government has now said that the humanitarian policy will be applied temporarily, on a case by case basis, to orphaned children who are being adopted by U.S. citizens.

This comes after the United States granted temporary protection to Haitian nationals in the United States as of Jan. 12.

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