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Airplane threat tied to teen bomb scare suspects


MADISON (WKOW) -- During a juvenile court hearing Tuesday, a prosecutor said two teenage boys accused of making nearly two dozen bomb threat calls to Stoughton hospital also allegedly called the Dane County regional airport and claimed a bomb was attached to a plane.

Assistant Dane County district attorney Mike Walsh said the boys allegedly lodged the threat just days before the hospital was threatened and patients evacuated as a result.

"Allegedly they had attached a bomb to a wheel of a plane, and when it moved it would blow up,"   Walsh told WKOW27 News.

Walsh said Dane County sheriff's personnel are investigating the alleged bomb threat calls to the airport.   A sheriff's spokesperson and an airport official have yet to return calls to WKOW27 News.

During the hearing, authorities said the boys, ages 13 and 15, allegedly placed the calls to the hospital Saturday and Sunday from their county foster home in the Town of Dunn.

Walsh said the calls first indicated a bomb was in a hospital bathroom, and later stated an explosive was in a hospital vent.

"They indicated the hospital needed to be evacuated, people should leave or they were going to die."

Hospital official Kristi Hund testified the calls also threatened the use of guns, and created risk in moving eighteen seriously ill patients in winter cold to a nursing home.

Authorities said the thirteen year old boy has past juvenile court sanctions for actions including fire setting, battery and making threats over the telephone.  

Dane county social worker Kristel Tatus testified the boy threatened to blow up her home a day before the first threatening calls to the hospital.

Tatus told WKOW27 News there was no immediate follow up on the threat because it took place on a weekend.

"I'm very concerned about that,"  Walsh said.

Juvenile court commissioner Mary Beth Keppel ordered both teens into secure juvenile detention while their cases were pending, stating they both posed a risk of harm to others.

Attorney Mitch Cooper said the fifteen year old boy acted "impulsively and stupidly" and did not have the emotional maturity to anticipate hospital officials would respond to the calls with an evacuation.

A social worker said the fifteen year's old actions were simply intended to get attention.

Officials said the hospital patients, including some who were recovering from surgeries, were evacuated for three hours while police determined there were no bombs at the hospital.

Walsh said the thirteen year old boy was too young to be considered for transfer into adult court on felony bomb scare charges.

Online reporting by Tony Galli.




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