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Middleton-Cross Plains students may have to transfer


CROSS PLAINS (WKOW) -- Elementary school students in the Middleton-Cross Plains area may have to transfer soon.

That's because school officials say elementary schools in the district are over crowded.

It includes Sauk Trial Elementary, Sunset Ridge and Northside Elementary.

That's where Bill McDonald's kids go. He says he doesn't want them to transfer.

"At that time we made the decision to move to the subdivision in Northlake because of the Northside schools," McDonald said.

But his kids may have to. A school board appointed committee said Northside is the most crowded school.

At a meeting at Glacier Creek Middle School in Cross Plains, area parents looked at four proposed scenarios which basically do two things.

One set would move 50 to 70 kids from the crowded Northside to Elm Lawn.

The other moves a lot of kids, more than 300. School officials say that would more evenly distribute the over crowding across the district, affecting almost every elementary and middle school.

"We are trying to do it in a rational way, and in a fair way and the good news is that there are no bad schools in this school district," said committee facilitator Bill Reis.

Reis says student enrollment overall went down this year even though they projected growth. He calls the student shuffle is short term fix.

But parent Kathy Miller argues its affects would be devastating to her kids.

"The nearest neighborhood where their friends would be is 3 miles away, there would be no time for play dates or riding your bike to a friends house," Miller said.

Although ideas clashed, there was one thing both the committee and many parents agree on, that Middleton Cross Plains needs another school.

Reis said the district already tried that.

In a referendum back in April, the district asked voters for a new elementary and middle school, but it failed.

For parents who could not make it to the meeting, There will be another on Thursday at Kromrey Middle School in Middleton starting at 6pm.

For more information on the proposed scenarios, click here.

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