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Dangerous weather slams Southern California, Arizona


LOS ANGELES (WKOW) -- Authorities have lifted many evacuation orders in Los Angeles County as the threat of debris and mudslides eases, but thunderstorms continue to pose a threat in many areas.

Some homes in Southern California have reportedly been damaged and not all of the 1,000 residents ordered to evacuate did.

In Northern Arizona, authorities believe a 6-year-old boy drowned after being pulled into floodwaters.

He and his family were on their way to a hospital when the high water swept their truck off the road. The boy's father tried to keep them above the rising waters in the truck bed but could not.


LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. (WKOW) -- Residents in storm-ravaged California are beginning to dry out after a week of wild weather that left a trail of damage in its wake.

More than a thousand people evacuated their homes in foothill communities in Southern California and are expected to learn sometime on Friday when they can return.

The forecast calls for a dry weekend and the National Weather Service canceled regional flash flood warnings at 3 a.m. but warn scattered storms could produce heavy downpours and the risk of mudslides typically last up to 72 hours after the rain has stopped.

Acting Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in five counties.

The storms are moving east: in Scottsdale, Arizona residents saw 50 mile-an-hour winds tear through the area. And Phoenix is bracing for 7 inches of rain, while in the mountains residents prepare for almost 3-and-a-half feet of snow.


LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. (WKOW) -- Wet weather is flooding urban areas and turning creek channels into raging torrents.

Several people have been killed across Southern California in the battering of Pacific storms.

Snow and strong winds have led to major highway closures and flight delays.

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