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Local doctor bringing not just medical supplies to Haitian kids

Doctors David Olive and Elizabeth Pritts Doctors David Olive and Elizabeth Pritts

MIDDLETON (WKOW) -- A Middleton doctor isn't only bringing medical supplies to Haiti Friday, she's bringing a special something for the children.

27 News first interviewed Dr. Elizabeth Pritts and her husband right after the earthquake in Haiti. Then.. she said she'd go to Haiti.. no matter what.

True to her word, she's going.

Dr. Pritts says, "I can't imagine some of the stuff that has to happen with some of those kids. I can't imagine my kids going through it. I saw some pictures of some of the moms trying to comfort their children after surgery, and it was just absolutely overwhelming."

Doctor Pritts and her husband, Dr. David Olive, traveled to Haiti with a group called Family Health Ministries a dozen times, even adopted two daughters from Haiti four years ago: they just arrived in the U.S. a year ago.

Family Health Ministries had three medical clinics in Haiti. Two were destroyed in the earthquake.

Dr. Pritts says, "One of them is still standing, and the townspeople came out, they cleaned out the rubble, and were waiting for a medical group to come and nobody came."

Now, they're coming. Prepared to heal, and also prepared to comfort the children.

Dr. Pritts says, "I think that's the hardest part for Dave and I, is watching that. I have four bags of medical supplies, and Dave is more interested in sending teddy bears down there to the orphans."

Sure enough, one whole bag devoted to toys and teddy bears.

While her husband, Dr. David Olive, is staying home to take care of the girls this time, it's sure to be the first trip.. of many.

Dr. Olive says, "We don't want this to be just the disaster of the month, and have everybody forget about it. The Haitian people have had their country destroyed, and they need help. They need help not just this month, but for a long time."

Pritts leaves for the Dominican Republic Friday, she was just in Haiti for a medical mission in August.. before the earthquake.

Those bags full of medical supplies for Pritts comes from Meriter Hospital, and some additional help came from Group Health Cooperative.

To donate to Dr. Pritts' mission, click on the link to the left of this story.

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