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Man claims 7 years of the hiccups

PALM SPRINGS, CA (WKOW) -- Home remedies haven't worked for a California man who says he has had the hiccups for seven years.

Bob Kipp of Palm Springs says his hiccups started while he was under stress from moving out of his home, and they just never went away.

Simple things like drinking, eating, and talking became a huge task for Kipp.

The hiccups are continuous, interrupting even the shortest of sentences.

"When I have to say my name and I have to hiccup it sounds like I just came in from a local tavern. It's comical but it's also very frustrating," Kipp says.

He's tried muscle relaxants and medical treatments called a nerve block, but so far, the hiccups continue. He's still searching for a cure to a condition he says is interrupting his life.

"I want to be out enjoying my retirement," he says. "It's horrible."

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