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Mom Apps

Moms are known to juggle a lot, but now they're getting more and more help from special 'apps' on their cell phones.

In fact, it seems like there's an application for just about everything.

Jenna Haligas uses her phone to do much more than call people.

One example-her own little voice recorder for sweet nothings from her children.

She says, I'll say, 'Hold on, hold on' and I'll have 'em, you know, record it and I can download it to my computer and I'll always have it."

That's a simple app that came with her phone for free, but these days there are more and more applications out there you just download right onto your phone.

Many are now geared toward the gals, according to cnet's molly wood.

"You're seeing a huge explosion of applications because iPhone is the first smart phone that really appealed to mainstream women, not just techy women, and so I think people realized there was a huge market there and they better get some apps out the door," says Wood.

And not just for the iphone, either.

Smart phones come with certain apps and there are third party providers, too.

There are twitter and facebook apps .

Of course, they apply to everyone, but there are some unique ones aimed at women.

Wood says, "You have this new category of calorie counters and those are really useful for women."

For example, there's Livestrong's Calorie Counter that let's you enter what you've eaten that day, along with how much exercise you've had and goals for how much you want to eat or exercise later.

Jenna uses Foodscore which helps her keep track of points for food on her special diet, even as she hits the take out line.

"I can just go to my app, I can scroll thru and pick a dinner based on the points and know what I'm eating instead of having no idea, you know, how many calories I'm taking in or how many points I'm eating," Jenna says.

Need to hit the grocery store and always forget what to buy?

The Grocery Gadget app has got you covered.

According to Wood, "There's a little tutorial here that kind of walks you through how to create a grocery list."

If you're a new mom, the Emmbook app helps capture memories of the baby, and keeps track of growth measurements, feedings, diaper changes and immunizations.

Or, if you have older children, there's the simple shape writer to help you out.

It's a high tech doodle pad that jenna uses to keep her children occupied when she needs it most.

Jenna says, "You're in the grocery store, or you're shopping, or just even talking to another adult and it's just nice to keep their attention while you're doing that."

And then there's a new mobile button to help moms.

The cry translator app claims to help identify the distinct cries made by infants when they are hungry, tired, stressed, bored, or annoyed.

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