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Owner of a Madison college bar protesting move

MADISON (WKOW) -- The owner of a popular college bar says they've put a large banner on the building to draw attention, not for business, but he says to raise awareness of the bar's expected move.

Brothers Bar owner Eric Fortney tells 27 News the UW is trying to force them out of their property on the 700 block of University Avenue so they can build a multi-million dollar music school in its place.

Fortney said all he wants is for the UW to either move 65 feet and build their music school there or relocate Brothers.

Fortney says last year UW attorneys drafted a relocation agreement which included the UW paying to relocate Brothers, with no money exchanged between the bar and the UW, and Fortney claims now they're refusing to honor that agreement.

David Giroux from the UW Board of Regents says the UW music school building project has been in the works since 2005. Giroux says Brothers Bar bought the property after 2005, knowing they would have to move when the project got underway.

The UW already owns the rest of that block downtown where the music building is expected to go. Giroux says Brothers has accepted a $2.1 million offer from the UW for the property.

Giroux says the UW offered another $150,000 in moving expenses to relocate the bar, but says Brothers wants $1.5 million more in moving expenses.

Giroux tells 27 News the target banner "takes a cheap shot at [the UW's] music students," and says it's unfortunate.

The issue is expected to go to court in April.


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